Skyra offers all the standard moderation commands you expect, like banning, muting, kicking, softbanning and more. However, she also includes a wide range of unique features such as logging images and reactions, and a very advanced filter. For a full list of moderation commands, visit the commands page.


Skyra can brighten up your server with many commands for adding fun and social interaction to your server. She can create a random blurb of text using markov, roll a magic eightball, generate memes, and much much more!


Skyra gives you many useful tools at your fingertips. From searching YouTube or Wikipedia, to looking up games on IGDB or the Nintendo eShop, or even movies on TheMovieDatabase. She can also create polls, quote messages, get full size versions of users' avatars, and more!


Skyra has a rich dataset of Pokémon data. You can query for data on any Pokémon, get details on items, moves and abilities. You can find how types match up or learn whether a Pokémon can learn a certain move. Data is (nearly) always up-to-date by using the amazing GraphQL Pokémon API!


Skyra has many anime related commands. You can make Skyra slap that annoying guy that likes Ram instead of Rem, or see the cutest anime cats that you just can't wait to cuddle to death. If you're just looking for your next watch or read, then Skyra has you covered by letting you look up anime and manga on and